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Important Update: Qualification Awards Summer 2021

Important Update: Qualification Awards Summer 2021
by Sam Cullis - Tuesday, 4 May 2021, 8:55 AM

Important update regarding the award of qualifications in Summer 2021

Due to the ongoing disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the UK government announced in January 2021 that the majority of examinations would not take place this summer.

We have now received clarification on how grades will be awarded this year.

For the majority of courses (your tutor will notify if this applies to you), grades will be awarded by each student’s tutor, based on a range of evidence that will be used to support the grade decision.

Students will receive one grade per qualification, rather than separate grades for each unit and students will only be graded on their performance in the qualification content that they have been taught.

Examples of evidence that our tutors will use in determining final grades are as follows:

  • Completed internal assessments, classwork or homework assignments or assessments
  • Mock examinations (based on past papers, or ongoing tests still to be sat)
  • Formal assessments such as papers sat in January 2021
  • Informal assessments
  • Evidence from specialist Teachers and other educational professionals such as special education needs coordinators (SENCos) who have worked with the Learner where appropriate.
  • Project work
  • Recordings (e.g. of practical performance)
  • Evidence from work experience (where relevant to the qualification)
  • Tracker of achievement and attainment over the course
  • Witness testimonies or teacher observation records when used in conjunction with other forms of evidence

Functional Skills / City & Guilds Awards (excluding Technicals)

For functional skills and most City & Guilds Awards (Construction) assessments are still taking place as originally planned.

What does this mean for me?

In order to be able to award you a grade, your tutors need to accumulate as much evidence as possible to support their decision. All teacher assessed grades will be subject to external moderation and validation. This will ensure that all students are graded fairly and accurately.

It is therefore essential that you continue to attend all your lessons including English and maths, actively engage in all tasks and complete the work set by your tutors. This gives us the best possible opportunity to give you the grade that you deserve.

Will I be able to find out my unit grades?

Although your result from the Awarding Organisation will only show one grade result for your overall qualification, we are still able to provide you with a breakdown of your grades at unit level if you need this, once moderation has been completed (after 12 August 2021).

If you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact your tutor however, we are under strict instructions not to discuss specific grade awards with students or parents.